We are what we do.

Passion you can feel, see and touch. Softness to touch, weaves to love.

About us

About us

You feel our love as you wear our clothes.

Over 35 years of experience, an innate passion for things done well. The essence of Nuova Confezione is just this: totally loving our work to create a product that is always new, with every detail cared for, always meeting the needs of clientele and current fashions.
Nuova Confezione was conceived and developed in the Province of Vicenza as a knitwear factory for third parties, for men and women, with artisan criteria. Highly trained staff, state of the art technology, but also the love and passion of expert hands that each day know how to create unique pieces, making the company a leader in the production of garments for important and famous brands.

Our processes

All our processes are used to create a perfect garment, yours.

The use of precious materials, combined with particular processes, such as the application of leather or fabric or use of fur for indoors, has always distinguished the production of Nuova Confezione.
The company interacts with stylists, studying the feasibility together of the garment, evaluating the applicability of yarns and inserts, to create the initial project, that sketch imagined by the stylist.
Nuova Confezione implements all the production processes with utmost professionalism:

  • creation of prototypes, including internal pattern making
  • weaving from fineness 18 to fineness 3, with the possibility of also creating garments by hand, with knitting needles and crochet needles
  • the packaging of the garments, including working with leather, fur or fabric
  • treatments such as washing, special treatments such as dyeing and particular processes such as spraying
  • possibility of embroidering by hand and/or by machine
  • quality control, finish and packaging

Each step is implemented by careful hands to ensure all our products are perfect in every detail.


Detail makes our products unique.

To be special, every detail of each garment must be precise. Some detail on leather that distinguishes the line, an insert on fur that makes it unique or the simple combination of natural colours to make a garment timeless. From use of viscose to cashmere, cotton to silk, and all the possible types of yarns. Detail that leaves a mark, that dictates fashion and trends each season.



Via Monte Rosa, 6 36075 Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza) – Italy tel: 0444 492289 fax: 0444 491082 info@nuovaconfezione.it